Passion: two wheels
Carnia, undisputed land of cyclists

Monte Zoncolan for the more daring cyclists

It allows you to challenge your limits, to follow the paths that have tired history’s famous cyclists:  Monte Zoncolan owes its fame to the Giro d’Italia, which has rendered it a symbol of great International cycling. But lovers of racing bikes and mountain bikes can find many other charming routes and itineraries of various grades of difficulty in this region.

There exist only a few places that lend themselves as Carnia does for mountain biking: valleys with a dense network of mule tracks and paths, climbs and descents which put strength to the test, and breathtaking panoramas.

The toughest climb in the entire alpine arc and in Europe, the u bends which have produced sweat and fatigue from the greatest sportsmen: Monte Zoncolan is a timeless legend of International cycling.

The year 2003 indicates an important date for the Giro d’Italia: in that year, one of the most important cycle races at International level reached for the first time Monte Zoncolan, tackling the mountain side of Sutrio.

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