The spectacle of the mountains
Holidays are made in Carnia

A place to discover, a land to explore

Constituted by seven valleys and surrounded by the majestic Alps, Carnia is the ideal destination for a holiday where nature is the undisputable protagonist. In a landscape that proudly displays its more wilder side and that groups together mountain tops and vast stretches of land, many pathways branch off to follow by foot or by bicycle. In winter as well as in summer, Ravascletto and the Carnia Alps offer the chance to come to know the meaning of the expression “in harmony with nature”; brooks, waterfalls, forests, woods, immense walls transmit a sensation that only an open and spontaneous area can offer: the sense of freedom.

7 is the perfect number
The valleys of Carnia: an incredible landscaped patrimony

There are seven valleys which make up the territory of Carnia; seven valleys which represent the beauty and the variety of this land. From the Valcalda with Ravascletto, a destination for lovers of outdoor sports to Val Lumiei with the charming Lake of Sauris, passing by Val Bût,  Val Degano, the Val Tagliamento, Val Pesarina and Val Chiarsò.

Testimony to an endless beauty
Culture and tradition make the history of a land

A land of strong tradition, in Carnia a precious historic and artistic patrimony is kept. In the numerous small towns there are perfectly conserved ancient roads, churches and castles. Lovers of local products can lose themselves in the many small markets in the area in search of hand crafted objects and delicious gastronomic morsels.

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