Everywhere, snow
Not just skiing on Mount Zoncolan

Where winter offers a sea of possibilities

The Carnia Alps represent a landmark for all lovers of winter sports. The ski area of Zoncolon, situated in the Ravascletto-Sutrio area, is one of the most equipped in the Friuli Venezia Giulia region; with its modern ski lifts, schools and numerous slopes of different levels of difficulty, it is considered a skiing paradise. In this context of whitewashed peaks and snow covered woods, it is possible to explore the landscape through adrenaline descents, leaving your footprints whilst ploughing the snow with snowshoes or having fun in the seat of a sledge.

In Carnia skiing is a first class sport: perfectly prepared slopes, numerous schools, modern ski lifts, loops that develop amongst the enchanting woods. Here, skiing is a style of life.

Spectacular routes, breathtaking views, the adrenaline of discovery and of freedom. With skis with seal skin on your feet you can climb snow covered inclines; a fatigue that is repaid by the thrilling descents.

Snow shoes that leave prints in the snow, a rhythm that panders the tranquillity of the landscape, a view that seems enchanted. The most fascinating way to explore and enjoy the mountains.

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