A traditional banquet
The pleasures of the table

Our restaurant in Carnia

You cannot think about Carnia without remembering its cuisine. In our restaurant, also open to outside guests, the richness of a land takes form in dishes which bring to the table flavours from the mountains and fragrances from the woods. The love towards local products - mushrooms, cheese, vegetables and root vegetables - are translated into genuine and tasty recipes, wisely prepared by Dina. To better enjoy the tastiest pleasure of life, a glass of Friuli or National wine from our selected wine cellar is sufficient.

Panoramic terrace

Our terrace as an exclusive stage overlooking majestic mountains and endless fields.

Location for events

Spacious and welcoming rooms, delicious cuisine: our restaurant for your anniversaries.

Cuisine of Carnia

It tells of a land of ancient and proud tradition; the cuisine of Carnia is authentic.

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