Roads to navigate
In the direction of Monte Zoncolan

Journeys and thrills on two wheels

Imagine ploughing through the roads of the Monte Zoncolan, of climbing the mountain with panoramic u bends and traversing ancient towns in the saddle of your motorbike. Imagine travelling in complete freedom facing as the only obstacle the wind blowing against you. If this is your idea of a holiday, then Carnia is your paradise. Known throughout the world for off road and for having hosted many motor cycling events, amongst which are two world endurance championships, this region offers numerous possibilities for excursions and a dense network of itineraries by road.

A timeless passion
Pietro: our house master, your expert motorcyclist

The owner Pietro, a passionate motorcyclist, has travelled along all the roads of Carnia in the saddle of his two wheeler, a BMW R 1150. His passion and long experience are translated into advice for the guests and in organising tours to discover his much loved land. For a holiday that lets you unite relaxation with adrenaline.

Bellavista: MoHo – Motorbike Hotel
If restaurants have “stars”, then we have “helmets”

As a hotel for the bikers of Carnia, the Bellavista is Partnerhotel of MoHo – Motorbike Hotel, a hotel circuit that guarantees quality and competence when it comes to two wheels. Pietro’s motor cycling culture, which translates into practical experience about holidays on the road, has allowed him to reach the category of “3 helmets”.

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The Three Countries Tour - an impressive tour in the mountains between Italy, Austria and Slovenia. Video by Christian Schmidt, Hotel Solaria, Austria, MoHo Partner Hotel.
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